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Jaikoz size and bitrate

Is it possible to add size and bitrate to the visible columns when and where songs and tracks are loaded? I’m still working on the issue I was before and am not very trusting to allow songkong to do this for me based on past experiences. All but a few of these tracks are not 320k so I know that anything not 320 is a corrupt file and not a real file and needs to be deleted. Looking at them ((60,000+ files) is going to be faster and more efficient than needing to look at one file at a time.

Can you help?

you find size and bitrate in menu: View->Show View Pane and there in the View Pane -> View Audio. In this view there is a small button in the upper right corner, which provides a list of the available columns in this view when pressed.
Clicking on the column header sorts the corresponding column and synchronizes this view with the Edit View. In the Edit View itself, size and bitrate are not available.
However, you can copy entire columns from the View Audio to a (custom) column of the Edit View.
But remember, at more than 5000/10000 tracks at once in Jaikoz slows down the processes to be performed

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Thank you. I’ll consider doing that. I’m still attempting to find all the tracks and that may prove to be impossible. I’ve done two recoveries. I need to organize each separately.

You cannot show in the Edit pane because not editable, but I may change that because would be useful sometimes to have in Edit pane, but you can see in the View pane as described by @Alfg

Ah, ok. That makes sense. I am still attempting to save the files I wiped. Big pain in the butt, mostly. Thank you.