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Jaikoz not Recognizing Song - Plays in VLC Player

Can’t get Jaikoz to recognize song. Drag/Drop folder, Drag/Drop file, Using options: Open Folder, Open Songs within application. The song has media properties, plays in VLC player.

I can upload Support Files if you think that will help; unsure of efficacy due to inability to load song.

Any ideas? Thanks.

What format is it, is it an Mp4 video ?

It was a One Night in Bangkok.flac audio file.

I’m sorry I don’t know what I did, but as I was getting ready to record a GIF to show what was happening and the error… I suddenly don’t get the error when trying to load into Jaikoz.

At first I started loading it with drag and drop and thought that was the issue, but I can do that without error now, too.

The only thing I can think happened between when I posted the issue and now… is a selection of Empty Cache from the Advanced dropdown menu.

Sorry to waste anyone’s time.

Empty Cache could well sort out the issue, if you had a song loaded long along and installed later version of Jaikoz that used different database format that could cause this issue.