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Jaikoz Not Pulling Oldest Release Date From Discogs


My personal preference is to have the date field set to the original release date of the album, rather than the date my particular version of the album was issued. For example, has the album as first released in 1981, while my version, from a CD rip, was issued in 1992. Jaikoz fills in the date field as 1992, I want it to use 1981.

Is there a way to force the software always pull the oldest date for a release from Discogs, and use that in the ‘date’ field regardless of the release date of my particular version?

Alternatively, I wouldn’t mind if Jaikoz used the ‘original release date’ field for this, but it doesn’t seem to populate this field at all…

I am using FLAC files, if that makes a difference…

It should fill in original release date, but you can make it write earliest release to date field using the Preferences:MusicBrainz:Format:Put Original Year into Year field option, give that go.