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Jaikoz not implementing tags lately

Been using Jaikoz for a long time now–I’m a producer, and all I use it for is tagging client’s master files. The last times I’ve used it, I’ve done it just like I always do, but when I go to the drive where the files are, there is no tagging. When I pull it back up in Jaikoz, the tagging is there still. The only solution I’ve found is to delete all the fields and start over again…obviously doubles my time and my frustration…lol…anybody have a solution or suggestion as to why this great new feature(sarcasm) has recently reared it’s ugly head?

I’m guessing this is some specific issue with a set of files. Maybe some kind of small corruption that Jaikoz can cope with, but Windows Explorer/Finder cannot. I need more information and example of a file exhibiting this behaviour, could send to

hi Paul, thanks for answering. I’m on a Mac(11.5.2 Sebadoh), and I use the ‘open folder’ slection, then the songs appear as the should. I fill out all the fields, and hit the save icon. When I go look at the files on my SSD drive(client sessions), the last few times, the tags were not appearing as they usually do. That said, I just did a set of masters today, and it worked as usual, but the 3 times before, it didn’t. I went back and opened Jaikoz, opened the recent folder, and all the info appeared. so I resaved. no love. So…I just redid all the info in the fields, and then it worked. This time, it worked on the first try(like it has for years). This is a fairly new machine(M1 Studio), but I have done plenty of other files on this machine without a problem.

Now…here’s another thing…I decided I might try updating, but before paying, I though I’d try the new version in trial mode just to see. downloaded, dragged to my apps folder, and I did not write over the old one just in case, but just added the new version(appears as Jaikoz 2). When I try to open, I get this messageL “Unable To Load Java Runtime Environment” - I looked that up but was unable to find any info that seemed helpful to me.

anyway…the older version did it’s thing successfully today, but I’m kind of wondering what these other issues are lately…never had any problems with Jaikoz before.

If you have any that still dont work, or it occurs again please email one example file that has the problem (before you fix it), that is the only way Im going to be able to resolve the issue

I expect you have downloaded the Intel version of Jaikoz instead of the M1 version.

ahh…I better check that for sure…thank you