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Jaikoz iTunes Integration Support

Have not been able to find anything recent about this but is the iTunes integration still functional in Jaikoz? I have iTunes 12.11 installed on Windows 10 along with Jaikoz 10.1.2.

I have Automatically update iTunes library checked, Create an iTunes library checked, When a track is deleted or moved remove the old reference in iTunes checked and Add new tracks not currently in iTunes to iTunes checked. When I update songs in Jaikoz and save them, nothing is happening in iTunes.

Is there something else I need to do?

It should work but I haven’t checked recently, does iTunes startup when you start saving songs ?

No. It does not. I had been trying it with iTunes already open, but I closed it and tried saving and it does not open iTunes.

Please send your support files.

Run Advanced:Create Support Files and upload the zip file created.

Here you go…

I cant access it, can you just send the zip file as private message within these forums please.

I sent it via email to

Are you sure it is checked, the logs show no attempt to access iTunes and when I tried using your preferences it wasn’t checked

Yes I am sure. I have unchecked, saved settings, re-checked, saved settings, multiple times. Each time I open settings, it shows that they are checked (see below). Perhaps the settings are not saving properly despite being checked?

I completely uninstalled and reinstalled Jaikoz. Made sure Automatically Update ITunes library was checked and it is still not updating iTunes.

FYI I can confirm that Song Kong DOES update my iTunes library as it should. I prefer to use Jaikoz though so I cannot understand why it is not working for it.

Hmm, okay please resend the support files maybe I can see something in the latest one.

Sent them to