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Jaikoz insists on reloading my entire music collection at every start up

Greetings from Cambridge, UK
I’ve been running Jaikoz (build 1165) on my Windows 10 machine with no problems.
However one issue which I have encountered since I started using Jaikoz a couple of years back -
My music library is on an external drive connected through my home network.
It contains approx 13,000 songs (mainly FLAC files).
When Jaikoz starts up, it scans through the entire library, usually taking around 20 minutes. I understand that it has a lot of work to do!

However if I come out of Jaikoz, even if I have not modified any of the songs, when I start up again, Jaikoz insists on scanning the entire library again. Thus wasting another 20 minutes. It doesn’t seem to realise that it has already done this previously so there is no need to rebuild the list.
Is this just the way it works, or have I missed a setting somewhere?

Many thanks


Jaikoz does cache previously read releases based on lastModified date. So it sounds like your clock or timezone is incorrect on the remote machine so every time Jaikoz starts its seems that the file has been updated since it was loaded into Jaikoz.