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Jaikoz Future?

Hi -

I’ve been using Jaikoz for years on and off (extensively when I need to edit files!). I have a current license & Pro level.

Looking through the forum I am a bit concerned about the future of Jaikoz:

  • There hasn’t been an update in almost a year, not even minor bug fixes.
  • yet SongKong has had tens of releases this year alone
  • Questions in the beta forum have gone un-replied to for the past year, sort suggests no beta is running
  • No discussion of any new/different features that are coming

I understand you put your time into where the money comes from, and that’s fine. I guess that’s SongKong.

Without a roadmap/future, should we even think of updating our Jaikoz license? Don’t get me wrong - Jaikoz has been and still is a powerful tool. But will there be there any future updates to Jaikoz?


Focus has been on SongKong for a couple of years, but alot of this has been driven by work required to get it available for Melco Audio Nas -

But actually we are seeing an increase in Jaikoz customers recently, and I do have roadmap planned, just not had enough time to implement. Alot of the work done in SongKong (such as improved matching) is quite easy to add to Jaikoz, so although has been added to SongKong first that work done is not exclusive to SongKong.

Expect a new Jaikoz release within a few months.