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Jaikoz edit table view sorting by disc then track

Thanks Paul for the great program which I have used lightly for a couple of years but am wanting to sort out my music.
My question is whether I can make the Edit view table sort by track number within disc for multi-disc Various Artist compilations ? (I did search but couldnt find an answer to this…)

Background is that I mainly use Jaikoz to fix the track release date on compilations, rather than the default of compilation release date. When I add a folder, the entry order appears to be random? I then only seem to be able to search by one column. If I choose Disc, then tracks are in random order (but not always?). I am doing something wrong? I tried preferences but found no answer here either. Thanks in advance.

By default files are listed in the order of the filename, and usually people set filenames so they are in track order. If you want to sort by a different field you can but unfortunately we dont support muti-column sorting at the moment.

Thanks Paul for the quick reply. I have always default to Aritst - Title, so now I know why the sort doesnt work!
If I can ask for one more piece of advice, I assume you support the “File Rename From Metadata” convention I just saw in Jaikoz preferences as “Artist - Album - Track - Title”?. As I am mostly correcting Various Artist compilations, I would suggest something like “Album - Disc - Track - Artist - Title” to aid sorting (or perhaps drop Album). I do have a bunch of files for some compilations that are “Disc-Track - Title”, which is why they sorted correctly in Jaikoz, but i like to see Artist.
thanks in advance,

So the key thing is put trackno before track title (and before track artist)

Jaikoz has File Rename From Metadata but the Artist - Album - Track - Title part is just the name, the actual rename mask uses Javascript Expressions, and you can define one rename mask for use in non-compilations and one for use in compilations.

Javascript Expressions are much easier then they sound, see this SongKong link for more details - How to create Rename masks (the syntax is the same for SongKong/Jaikoz)