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Jaikoz does not recognise many files


first post here: i have been using Jaikoz to tidy up my iTunes library - however it appears that many of my songs do not get recognised when launching the app. It shows “at least 30” but says there are many more and moreover offers no insight into what the problem might be. For example, i own 101 - a depeche mode record - which has 20 songs over 2 discs but jaikoz shows only 6 saying 4 are not recognised. Can you please provide some insight? thanks

  1. Try Action -> Remote Correct -> Manual Correct Metadata from MusicBainz and look what you get
  2. Go to MusicBrainz select an album with 9+11 tracks (whichever). If you have selected the album goto Details and select the MBID (something like this: b9d75888-06eb-4283-a299-f9eaf6fdd12c) Do a Copy of this MBID. Paste it in Jaikoz using Action->Match to Album->Match Songs to Spezified MusicBrainz Album. Take a look what you get now.