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Jaikoz: Description / Comment confusion

Unfortunately in Jaikoz there is no possibility to see or edit the Description field instead there is only the Comment field. Or have I missed something?
My metadata looks like this (FLAC File!) :

ALBUM=The Rocky Horror Picture Show
TITLE=Dammit Janet
GROUPING=Bandes originales de films
COPYRIGHT=(P) 1989 Ode Records
DESCRIPTION=Interprètes : Susan Sarandon, MainArtist
Barry Bostwick, MainArtist
Label : Ode Sounds & Visuals - The Orchard
COMMENT=What ever

The Comment is visible, but Description Not!
Thanks for any Help

That is correct, but you have to understand that the field name you see in Jaikoz maps to particular field names for the underlying audio format that may vary for audio format as they all work in different ways.

So for ID3 (as used by MP3) the Comment field maps to the COMM frame with description description, i.e as far as ID3 is concerned Comment is Description

For Flac Comment field maps to COMMENT field

We don’t have an additional Description field that matches to anything, for ID3 there is not a field to map to since Comment already maps to the description field. For Flac there is not really a standard list, I dont know if DESCRIPTION is a common field or not, if it is maybe I have to do anything, but never been reported as an issue before.

So you know what add DESCRIPTION field ?

Hi Paul,
thanks for you response.
All of my Audiofile (FLAC) files I bought at Qubuz contain this tag (DESCRIPTION)

I use GERBERA ( as my media server software. This software can display the description tag of my flac files.

Cheers Reinhard

Okay the question is then is anything other than quobuz actually adding the DESCRIPTION tag.