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Jaikoz creating new folders

Jaikoz3. I have searched my hard drive for all tracks by an artist, corrected them and then deleted duplicates. After selecting Save and Move I choose the artist folder in ‘HD/Music/itunes/itunes media/music’ but jaikoz does not save there but creates another folder in ‘HD/Music/itunes/itunes media’. Why?

Probably should not have used Save and Move

The current filepath is basefolder + subfolder + filename and all three columns can be displayed and modified within the main spreadsheet view. Usually basefolder is your music folder (i.e C:\Music), subfolder are the folders beneath that which are based on metadata e.g. U2/The Joshua Tree, and the filename is also based on metadata e.g 01- U2 - Where the Streets Have no Name.mp3

When you use Save and Move you are moving the files to a new basefolder whilst preserving subfolder and filename beneath them. What you probably should have done instead was use Action:File and Folder Correct:Correct SubFolder from Metadata and Correct Filename form Metadata to fix those part of filepath from metadata, then just done Save Changes

Thanks Paul, have tried this but Jaikoz moves all files from Music/iTunes media/Music to Music/iTunes Media and creates new folders.Is this caused by two folders called Music - although both are names generated by MacOS?

I have set BaseFolder to HD/Music/iTunes media/Music and I would like to consolidate all music file on the HD to be grouped in the iTunes media/Music folder - which should be the default, no? But when I ask Jaikoz to find all the files by an artist on the HD it then recreates new folders in the HD/Music folder even though the base folder is set as HD/Music/iTunes Media/Music,

I must be doing something wrong…but what?

When you load the files into Jaikoz it splits the filename between basefolder, subfolder and filename. You ask it to rename subfolder based on metadata and filename based on metadata.

So if you just only ask it to rename filename based on metadata this will have no effect on folder structure nothing is moved.

If you also ask it to rename subfolder based on filename, then that can affect folders. Sounds like your basefolder/subfolder split is wrong in which case you need to use Action:File and Folder Correct:Shift BaseFolder to SubFolder and Shift SubFolder to BaseFolder to get the split correct before running Rename SubFolder from Metadata