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Jaikoz compatibility with MacOS Ventura

Hello Paul

Just wondering when apple will release the final new Mac os ventura if Jaikoz music will be compatible with Ventura ?

Thank you Paul

I expect so, but unable to test it until actually released.

They have the beta version at this stage

I have plenty of work to do without worrying about Apple beta releases and if there are any problems with Jaikoz and beta release it is likely they will affect many other Java applications and be resolved before final release.

I did not ask you to worry about the Ventura beta. No need to tell me that. I had just asked you about the compatibility that’s all

Unless I have tested it I don’t know

Hi Paul

Mac os ventura is out so will you test it to see if it bring buggy buggy ? lol

yes it will be tested.

I am upgrading my M1 Mac to Ventura now.

So I have tested out both SongKong and Jaikoz and did not find any issues with MacOS Ventura.