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Jaikoz and Multi Column Sorting

Since Jaikoz 11.1 multi column sorting is supported and this is how it works

  1. Click on a column header will sort by that column in ascending order, and a small upwards arrow shows on the column header (Album Ascending)

  1. Click on a second column, then rows will use this second value to sort the fields when the first field is the same, the second column also has an upwards arrow but slightly less bold (Album Ascending, BPM ascending)

  1. Click on 1st column again, now sorts by this column descending, and then the second column as before (Album Descending, BPM ascending)

  1. Click on the 1st column again, now removed from sort so now just sorting by BPM column (BPM Ascending), note because now the only sort column the arrow is bolder.

  1. Can have up to four sort columns, clicking on addtional columns makes no difference until click on one of the already seledcted columns again to remove the arrow

  2. If click on column on another tab, sort is reset and based on sort in the new tab

  3. If click on Row No column, sort is reset and based on row number