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Jaikoz and Mac OS 11 (Big Sur)

Hi, I’m wondering whether Jaikoz has been tested on Big Sur?

Ever since I updated Mac OS, I’ve been unable to use Jaikoz. It opens, but then, if I try to open Preferences, it freezes. (Using Jaikoz without touching the preferences menu is difficult to say the least.)

Is this a known issue? I haven’t been able to find a blog or forum post about it.

No it hasn’t been tested against Big Sur yet, unfortunately Apple seem to make a habit of breaking things for developers with each release.

I will try and test it out tomorrow.

Very appreciated! Thank you, sir.

Problem, my mac does not support Big Sur so I cannot even try it out currently.

Your issue correlates with a problem encountered by another customer who has moved to MacOS Big Sur, so does seem there is a problem with Jaikoz on Big Sur. I am going to have to invest in a new computer in order to get Big Sur, so in the meantime I would recommend you do not upgrade to Bug Sur if using Jaikoz for the moment.

I don’t know if there are any issues with SongKong and Big Sur.

No … it doesn’t work for a number of functions such as the “control” F edit function. Based editting functions will work but you’d better save after each edit cuz sometimes the app just locks up.

Okay thx, we have a further problem which is delaying purchase of a machine capable of running Big Sur. New machines use the M1 machine but currently Java is not avaikable for M1 processors, but I expect will be soon. I could purchase an Intel based Mac to run Big Sur in meantime but then I would have to purchase a M1 as well at later date, and that is not financially viable.

Bug Sur. Love it.

Thank you for the info, Paul. Love your product; been using it for years and will continue to.

Okay so I have discovered and this enables me to try out Jaikoz on different versions of macOS such as Big Sur. I tried it and had no problems including when opening preferences

So I think you are just hitting an existing problem whereby if the settings.jai file gets corrupted there is a problem with preferences, this can usually be resolved by deleting settings.jai in your Jaikoz Library folder
then they will be automatically replaced by Jaikoz with a clean version, please try the following.

  • Close Jaikoz if running
  • From Finder menu select the Go menu
  • Hold down the Alt key and the Library menu should appear in the list, select this
  • This will open a new Finder window
  • Select the Preferences folder and then the Jaikoz folder
  • Delete settings.jai
  • Start Jaikoz

It seems to work okay with by limited testing (but I am slightly constrained by using remotely with macincloud rather than having a physical machine). Could it just be that you are loading too many files (the more files loaded into Jaikoz the more memory it requires) and this is not a Big Sur issue at all ?

Hello. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to do the trick. I deleted the settings file, restarted Jaikoz, but again, the program became stuck once I tried to do something like open Preferences.

I made a screen recording of it. Would it help at all if I shared that with you?

Yes, it may help thanks.

Watching your video it seems that opening Preferences is fine, the problem only comes when you to try and close it ?

Hi are you using BigSur on a regular Intel Mac, or one of the new M1 Macs ?

Hi, can you confirm if using BigSur on an Intel mac or a M1 mac using Rosetta please ?

Okay when running Big Sur (intel and M1) I find that Control-F worked fine if Jaikoz was in a window, but if Jaikoz was maxmized to full screen by clicking the green light then Control-F was using whole screen. It then appeared to lock up but hover the mouse at bottom of screen a couple of inches from right hand corner then the dock reappears and you can swap to another application.

If instead of maximizing Jaikoz you just stretch the main window so it takes up most of the screen then Jaikoz appears to work okay. If you shutdown and restart Jaikoz it will remember the last size you set it at, does it work more reliably if you do this ?

The problem and the Preferences problems are caused by the new Prefer Tabs option in MacOS BIg Sur

If you set it to never that should solve most problems, whereas the default seems to be in full screen so this is why I was only hitting the issue when the screen was maxmized

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One other more minor issue is that if using Light appearance, tabbed panel doesn’t show the text on the highlighted tab very clearly

This is due to a Big Sur Java bug - ,there is no issue with Dark appearance.

Intel Mac from early last year

Yep, that fixed it. Thank you so much, Paul, for sorting this out. Happy customer. :grinning: