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Jaikoz 9.1.0 Released December 16th 2016

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This is a massive release that adds comprehensive classical music tagging support including update works and movements in iTunes.

We also have added the often requested When tracks contains featured artists option

A couple of important fixes due to changes outside our control, Match to Specified MusicBrainz release now works okay and copying an pasting images from a browser on OSX now works again.

I am a new user of Jaikoz. I am running your new release 9.1.0. After stumbling around for a day, I located the Online Manual which helped a lot!

I am unsuccessfully trying to use Jaikoz on my Windows 7 machine to find and store missing artist and album names for my iTunes library of 2000 songs. From the forum replies, I tried checking the “Auto update itunes library” preference in Jaikoz. I also disabled “Keep iTunes music folders organized” in my iTunes version 11.0 Advanced preferences. I loaded 27 random songs, and to my amazement, all 27 were found with artist & album info and more! My only problem is, when I click on Save Changes, I get an error message “Problem updating itunes”. Can you suggest some additional steps I can take to solve this so I can proceed with the remaining songs? Thank you!!

Can you tell me how to open a New Topic or ask the forum a question? I am a registered forum member but can’t find a link.

Dan Gollnick

HI, there should be a New Topic button in each forum.

Found it. Thanks!