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Jaikoz 8.4.2 Released 15th January 2016

This is a small bug fix release, that makes available some fixes I did some time ago to everyone.

  • Album derived from folder is persisting even when single song was not eventually matched
  • Multiple Songs Not being Matched - One Song At a Time will match
  • queryByMetadata() fails if no artist could be derived from metadata
  • If Songs in UnknownArtist/Album folder being treated as a single release causing timeout
  • Unable to save changes to .ogg file with illegal ID3v1 tag at end

Sorry we don’t have the new Mood support in this release because that is a bigger job but I am working on that now and it should be available soon.

Hi Paul,
the OSX version still shows 8.4.1 in the window bar and in the about screen. Build date is 14th Jan so i think the version number is just not updated.

Thanks for your hard work on this nice tool.

Ah thanks pboe, you are correct, just that one change didn’t get checked in and hence didnt make it to the OSX version, so it really is 8.4.2 but says its 8.4.1. Sorry about that I’ll have to upload a new build with that fixed

Hi, Paul, thanks for writing such excellent and immensely useful software!

On the download page the latest release reads: “Jaikoz 8.4.2 released January 15th 2015”. You might want to change that to 2016. Otherwise on first glance it appears as if the software hasnt been updated for more than a year :wink:

Hi, can you give me the url as when I look it says 2015.

Here ist the URL.

Yep, that’s the one. Thanks Ampere for finding and posting.

Thank you :lol:

I have a license for an older version of Jaikoz. My old iMac’s hard drive failed and I would like to reinstall Jaikoz. Where can I download an older version?

Many thanks.

You can use the latest version at no charge.

Thank you! :slight_smile: