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Jaikoz 8.3.3 Released August 9th 2015

A couple of months ago long time Jaikoz user Alfg reported song identification was not working as well as in the previous major version. We did some investigations and quickly found a couple of issues that increased the number of songs identified.

But there was still some songs that were in the MusicBrainz database and a few songs that were being misidentified. It got me thinking is it possible correctly identify every single song if its in the database, and not misidentify any.

It is a difficult tightrope to walk trying to identify more songs but where there is not a clear answer ensuring we do not misidentify songs, because this is worse than not identifying the song at all.

It has taken a few iterations but now with Jaikoz 8.3.3 for these particular tests we now have 100% correct matches and no mismatches for a series of essentially random folders.

I realize not all our customers will have such success but I think most of you will be very happy with the improvements we have made, now I need to incorporate some of these improvements into the next version of SongKong.

The improvements we made in this release are as follows:

[JAIKOZ-1043] - isGoodArtistAndTitleMatch failing artist which just has additional 'the' in name
[JAIKOZ-1044] - Single song match doesnt do release match if metadata has song title
[JAIKOZ-1047] - ManualCorrect isAcoustid checkbox is never set
[JAIKOZ-1048] - Discogs matching should enable track duration check
[JAIKOZ-1049] - Only allow recordings with same name AND SIMILAR DURATION to one with most sources
[JAIKOZ-1053] - Matching to multidisc release can fail to match disc 2 because false match on disc 1
[JAIKOZ-1054] - Simplify album names when trying to find releases by metadata
[JAIKOZ-1057] - Try harder to find artists when grouping songs that have no artist