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Jaikoz 5.2.0b - Icon quick tasks not applying to only selected items.

Not sure if this is a bug, or unexpected behavior.

I loaded 5000 songs. I decided to try to manually only fix the albums that did not already have a release mbid as a test. I did this by sorting by mbid for album. I highlighted all the album mbids. I would assume this would allow me to perform actions on the rows that were tied to the fields I had selected. I then clicked on my brand new Close File icon I had placed in the bar, and instead of closing just those files, it closed out every single file I had loaded

You need to select the recno Ids not the fields in the main table, this is detailed in

Basically, if we had the toolbar working what was selected in the main table it would be difficult to perform tasks on all rows because usually at least one field is always selected in the main table. Also it makes sense for row based tasks (rather than field based tasks) to work when you select the row (row id) rather than arbitary field in the row.