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Jaikoz 5.2.0b - First impressions and missing task

Just installed it. Haven’t played with it much yet, but here are some first impressions.

First, I love all the icons! They look great.

I started playing around a little with the toolbar. I noticed that when one adds an item from the left to the right column, that it stays on the left side. It seems like it would be a lot cleaner if when one moved it from the left to the right, it only showed up on the right and vice versa. Also it feels odd that I can add the same item multiple times to the bar, so I can have 20 copies of the same function.

One minor request would be on the column head for ‘Available Tasks’ is to make it clickable and have it sort the tasks in that column from A-Z and then again from Z-A. With so many tasks, it would make it easier to find things.

I then went to add the tasks I use most, which are just a handful. Out of those, the only one I could not find was the ‘Change Base Folder’ which would match the task under Action -> File and Folder Correct -> Change Base Folder.

Going to load a bunch albums and see how it does next.

Good points, but probably wont implement for Jaikoz 5.2.0 so created