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Jaikoz 5.2.0b - Copy Paste not working

Copy Paste is no longer working for me in this beta.

I click on a a song in jaikoz, and do a ctrl+C and then click in notepad, a google page, or any other program and do a ctrl+V and it doesn’t paste any data! It is making me have to double click in a field to get a text cursor, then highlight the field, then copy to get the contents. Very nasty bug that will slow down tagging over a 100 fold!

Is this a regression in 5.2.0 or just continuation of existing bug

I am guessing a regression. It has worked in past versions. I know it worked in 4.6.3 and pretty sure it worked the 5.x

In the meantime you can use the context menu -> copy

Thanks confirmed this is a regression from 5.1.1. something to do with how i initialize shortcuts for actions now that the toolbar is configurable

Ah just tried alfgs workaround and noticed no shortcut listed for the Copy from Edit pane anymore, that will be the issue.

Awesome. Glad you were able to reproduce and find the problem

Now fixed.