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Jaikoz 4.4.0

It seems this version lost the capability to recognize Acoustid duplicates…

No it hasnt, but before 4.4.0 Jaikoz just stored AcoustId fingerprints whereas now it also stores AcoustId Ids as well. These are more useful because two different encodings of the the same recording will probably have different Acoustid fingerprints but have the same Acoustid Id.

What you need to do is run Action/Remote Correct/Retrieve AcoustIds again to get the Ids for your fingerprints, then Delete Duplicates will work as expected.

It doesn’t work for all songs. Some songs get the AcoustId fingerprint but no AcoustId Id and this way Jaikoz cant’t recognize duplicates.

Okay, first run Submit Musicbrainz/Acoust Id Pairs to submit any new fingerprints to Acoustid. Acoustid will asynchronously create acoustids for these new fingerprints, then run Retrieve AcoustIds again and it won’t need to calculate fingerprints again, but will look up any missing acoustids for fingerprints.

I tried. It has some advantages but also some serious disavantages.

  1. Submitting the fingerprints very often times out
  2. The time required for the second pass in unpredictable
  3. I can’t detect duplicates for tracks that are not in the database
  4. Submitting “uncertain” files may corrupt the database
  5. The submit command has not a shortcut

MAybe you can give the option to choose which method (fingerprint or ID) the user can choose and/or create a script to automate the correct sequence to detect duplicates

Thanks for the support!

[quote=finizio]I tried. It has some advantages but also some serious disavantages.

  1. Submitting the fingerprints very often times out
    This has been improved on the Acoustid server now.

It shouldn’t take that long, and you can leave it unattended if doing alot of files.

If you submit fingerprints for all the songs then they SHOULD get into the Acoust Id database even if not matched to a Musicbrainz Id
, but yes you are correct they dont always seem to.[quote=finizio]
4) Submitting “uncertain” files may corrupt the database
You mean uncertain if matched to correct Musicbrainz Song, Yes I suppose that is true.

True, the whole menu/shortcut stuff is long overdue an overhaul.

Yes I think the correct solution is for the matching to fall back to using fingerprint if has no Id behind the scenes, Jaikoz doesnt really need anymore options.
Thanks for the support![/quote]