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Jaikoz 4.3.0 NGS Beta Released 30th August 2011

This release uses Acoustid for fingerprinting instead of AmpliFIND plus a number of other features and improvements.

As part of this release I am happy to announce Jaikoz Pro, this contains additional features and improvements for Jaikoz power users not available in the standard Jaikoz edition. I just want to explain the reasoning behind this new version. Jaikoz was originally released in 2006 and customers who purchased Jaikoz back then still have free updates to the latest versions and that will always be the case, I never want my customers to be left with outdated software or forced to make a purchase to fix a bug. All fixes and the vast majority of enhancements and new features will continue to be available in both versions as you can see below, and no features currently in Standard will be moved to Pro only. I try to be very responsive to my customers needs and implement new features requested by existing customers but there is a cost involved and the wealth of options and features within Jaikoz can actually discourage some potential customers from making a purchase. So it makes sense to put some features into a Pro version and I think it is fair that power users who really want certain new features contribute to their development cost by purchasing a Pro upgrade. This option also allows me to keep the cost down for more casual users.

Full details of the beta on the

You can upgrade from a Jaikoz to a Jaikoz Pro license at for the price of �10.

Awesome! Not sure if I will use the pro features or not, but definitely planning on upgrading to it, if nothing more to show my appreciation for such a great product!!!

Thanks thats very nice of you.

Are these the same actual ID’s, or would it be worth removing all AmpliFIND IDs, and replacing them with AcoustID’s?

Which program/s utilise AcoustIDs? - I know a few (but don’t use any) that utilise AmpliFIND ID’s, but have attempted to exhaustively tag all of my music collection (I’m a bit of a completist)

Or, I’m assuming (apart from file fragmentation caused, due to the added filesize and breaking existing padding?) maybe even having both tags?

They are different ids, (in fact they are currently fingerprints rather than ids but ids will becoming soon) but they are stored in their own distinct field Acoustid Fingeprint rather than Puid.

Its a brand new service , and Jaikoz is the first to use it but I expect very rapidly there will be other applications taking advantage of it.

Nice one, Paul. It just interested myself, and no doubt others will have the same questions :slight_smile:

I’m assuming the latest beta will no longer support lookups and tagging of the older AmplFIND tags?

(I haven’t checked, I’m trying to finish doing something else, before getting sidetracked (as usual) )

No, your wrong:if your songs already have a AmpliFIND Id (Renamed to Puid throughtout Jaikoz) then they can be still used for lookups and matching, what you can’t do anymore is generate a Puid for new songs that havent got one from within Jaikoz.

I guess I probably worded that poorly, I should’ve been more clear (i’m multi sidetracked and multi-tasking)

I meant more; Can Jaikoz 430 generate the older AmplFIND tags? (as well as the new AcoustID tags?) - I understand it can use both kinds

Apologies for being unclear =]

No it cant generate them from files anymore.

Should be possible to make comparison chart pro/normal features ?

Yes, please see

do you send the AcousticID to MusicBrainz in Jaikoz 4.3.0 like you do it with the PUID?

Essentially yes, the Acoustid/Musicbrainzid pairs are sent to Acoustid whereas puid/musicbrainz pairs were sent to MusicBrainz. Then Acoustid create the link so if someone else was to lookup the same acoustid they would get the link to the Musicbrainz song. Remember in contrast to AmpliFIND the developer behind acoustid is a longterm Musicbrainz contributor. Im sure a key aim of Acoustid is to help improve the Musicbrainz db.

Now in Jaikoz the acoustid is looked up by checking the acoustid against the acoustid server and it will return the connected mbids.

Whereas with Puids Jaikoz would generate the puid by talking to the Amplifind Server and then make a second call to Musicbrainz to find mbids linked to that puid.

Experiencing an issue with funny characters (unicode special chars maybe) in file names. any file with these characters in them show as read only (likely a problem created moving files between windoze and linux). The problem I’d like to report though, is that when this (read only file) error message pops up, the Opening folders dialog fails to close after file load is done. Is there a specific way/place you’d like beta bugs reported?

Could you post as a new topic in Beta, would be really good if you could try agains the current released version of Jaikoz as well to see if it really is a beta problem

Have always had wierd quirky issues with the special characters, the failure of the dialog box to close once i’d acknowledged it is new though.

I’m liking this beta so far! It feels a lot… “lighter”. I especially like the error dialog for discrepancies in Match to Specified (can’t we just call these MTO and MTS?). It save’s a lot of research when a release won’t match.


I second greengeek. I have been using this software for several years (more than 4). It is great software, the support is next to none and I have never heard any rumblings about any upgrade fee.

So for me if �10 or $(1.X * �10) will keep the software support continuing, and a little change left over for a pint, it is well worth the cost to me.

Thanks very much for the product and time you have put into it.


Just purchased the upgrade. Thank you for all your hard work Paul!

Currently busy using the latest stable release, but I will try to get the beta and the upgrade installed soon to test it out. Thanks again!

addrelease[0-9]{20}.html in home/jaikoz folder that is generated from ad release via jaikoz isnt deleted.