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Jaikoz 11 AcoustID's


I have noticed that Jaikoz 11 is not retrieving AcoustID’s for tracks that are not known on MusicBrainz and have no MBID TAG’s populated. No matter how many times I press on the Retrieve AcoustID’s button, the TAG remains blank even if I retry again later. On Jaikoz 10 the same tracks get the AcoustID TAG’s populated even without MBID’s…

Is this expected behavior or I have missed a setting somewhere which would enable AcoustID’s retrieval for those tracks?

Right now I am still keeping Jaikoz 10 installed for this functionality.


Okay it may be this issue or another issue, will look as soon as I can

Thanks for the update… Strangely enough my AcoustID API Key was different from the current one displayed on the AcoustID site (maybe I generated a new one and forgot all about it?) in both Jaikoz 10 and 11, yet in 10 it was all working fine while in 11 only tracks with MBID’s would get their AcoustID TAGs updated.

I have changed my API Key in both Jaikoz versions now to match my current key on the site and will report back when I have more new files to analyze.

Thanks! :wink:

It’s much better now, thanks! After updating the API Key, the tracks without MB IDs are also getting the AcoustIDs filled in with Jaikoz 11. It’s strange that Jaikoz 10 was still doing it even with the wrong key, but the important thing is that I am getting the proper result now! :wink:

I tried it and had the same problem.

If I go to Preferences:MusicBrainz:Acoustid

(I have changed key on screenshot) and click on Visit Website it showed me a different key, if I then modified the value of Acoustid key to match the value on the website then Submit MusicBrainz/Acoustid Pair it worked

I then restarted Jaikoz to see if the new Acoustid value was kept and it was.

I don’t understand why in your case it would work with Jaikoz 10 but not Jaikoz 11, but I think the key thing is to fix JAIKOZ-1338 so that it lets you know if your Acoustid key is no longer valid.

This was fixed in Jaikoz 11.1

Thanks! I love the new summary windows which also show details about the number of fingerprints imports and pairing imports pending on Acoustid, it makes it easier to make sure no files are left without fingerprints! :wink: