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Jaikoz 11.8 Belly issues with linux

I was having difficulty updating artwork with my older version of jaikoz for linux. In that, Jaikoz, simply wouldn’t do it. No errors, nothing logged just nothing. Other tools had no trouble.

I decided to upgrade to Belly and now I have many more problems. The 2 that come to mind are the aforementioned artwork issue, but now I cannot even open the preferences without the program logging an error. To wit: SEVERE: Unexpected Problem with Jaikoz please report problem to Jaikoz Forum at

The final issue is the program is logging an error for a missing file (/home/lib/app/help/jhelpset.js). This file is nowhere to be found in the linux download.

No changes to the system other than updates. The logged error give no detail about what happened and the artwork issue has been happening for a few weeks now. I’ve uploaded the support files from the program. Hope that helps!

The exception I can see in the logs is due to not be able to open any languages files.

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot read the array length because "<local6>" is null
	at com.jthink.jaikoz.settings.Locales.setLocaleList(
	at com.jthink.jaikoz.settings.Locales.<init>(
	at com.jthink.jaikoz.settings.Locales.getInstanceOf(
	at com.jthink.jaikoz.settings.GeneralSettings$LookAndFeelTab.init(
	at com.jthink.jaikoz.settings.GeneralSettings$LookAndFeelTab.setupOptions(
	at com.jthink.jaikoz.settings.GeneralSettings$LookAndFeelTab.<init>(
	at com.jthink.jaikoz.settings.GeneralSettings.setupDisplay(
	at com.jthink.jaikoz.settings.GeneralSettings.<init>(
	at com.jthink.jaikoz.settings.Settings.setupDisplay(

This makes me think that maybe you are running the jaikoz binary from a different location, does it work if you cd to where the jaikoz binary is and run from there ?

Yes it seems to work when I run it from a terminal from the directory where the binary is. It used to work just fine (save the artwork issue) from a launcher until I upgraded Jaikoz. Guess I need to build a new launcher and run it from a shell script. Sorry for the trouble.

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