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Jaikoz 11.6 Bauhaus released January 5th 2023

Jaikoz 11.6 Bauhaus released January 6th 2023

Audio Tab

This release now merges the Audio tab into the main Edit tab, so you can now treat any audio columns such as Bit Rate or Playing Time like any other field, except that they cannot be modified.

You can mix and match Audio fields with any other fields on the same tab


Some new Acoustids were not getting submitted due to a problem with the additional metadata that can be sent, this has now been resolved

We have also fixed a number of other issues and have made some minor improvements


JAIKOZ-1364 Column Control should organize unselected columns alphabetically and perhaps grouped by type (e.g sort field)

JAIKOZ-1365 When add performers from Discogs they should be added alphabetically

JAIKOZ-1430 Should change Standard license details to say Standard not Full to match terminology used on website

JAIKOZ-1433 Merge View Audio tab into Edit tab


JAIKOZ-1326 Submit MusicBrainz/AcoustID Pair to the server does not work

JAIKOZ-1422 When create new rename mask not added to rename mask dropdown until close and reopen Preferences

JAIKOZ-1426 If you have View and Edit windows open and change tab it should automatically change tab on other view as well

JAIKOZ-1429 Problem on end of load files if sorting on View Audio tab

JAIKOZ-1431 When get unexpected error in jaikoz should say report to forum not report to

JAIKOZ-1432 Unable to retrieve image data from image cache causing UnexpectedError reported to user

JAIKOZ-1434 In Light mode one of the striped background colours is not quite right for columns showing checkbox

JAIKOZ-1435 Split between View and Edit panel not splitting reliably

thank you for merging the Audio tab into the main Edit tab.:slight_smile:

Jaikoz 11.6
1.) enabled Filter:HighField still does not survive a restart of Jaikoz :unamused:

and @Paul,
2.)Preferences-> Table-> ID3 Columes
Can’t find the view ID3. Reason is I try to find the columne User defined Text Info or Unique File Id etc.
Seems to me that the ID3 Columes View is lost.

3.) Getting an unexpeted Problem with Jaikoz by Advanced -> Empty cache.

4.) Drag & Drop doesn’t work with some file-path using folder-name
O:\Alben\JOHN HIATT - Collected (2012) @320 -> doesn’t work
O:\JOHN HIATT - Collected (2012) @320 -> works
Jakoz 11.6 doesn’t like something like this in the filePath-name:
(KW 52)
works only if these folder names are in the root but not if they are lower in the path

5.) after an Autocorrect Metadata from MusicBrainz Server of about 420 songs no columne can be sorted anymore after clicking on the columneheader
I was not been able to reproduce the behavior

Have downloaded 11.6 and opened it but no Audio metadata Tab in the edit field as per the illustrative graphic on this page. Does the user have to enable this feature in preferences somehow … ??

It would be there for a brand new install, but because you are upgrading your metadata tabs will be the same as previous version. But you can easily create an Audio tab at Preferences:Manage Metadata Tabs


and then add the fields you want

But remember you can add audio fields to any tab now, don’t have to be restricted to an Audio tab.

Configuration is under Preferences:Table

Enable with View/Show ID3 tabs

Try closing Jaikoz and manually deleting database, that should fix it - Getting BatchUpdateExceptionTable/View ‘RELEASEGROUP’ does not exist’

Sends support files so I can check for errors

1.) Wat about that issue
2.) Now O.K. -> my fault
3.) Done -> fixed it -> now O.K.
4.) Repaired with Jaikoz 11.6.1 -> now O.K.
5.) It happens sporadically. Let’s see if I can create a support file of this issue
6.) I have an icon for Preferences in the Toolbar. A doubleclick on this icon creates two wndows of the Preferences.
One window is too much.

I haven’t had a chance to look at your other points yet, probably come back to you tomorrow,

Okay so you don’t need to double click, click once and it just comes up once.

Now maybe after clicking once we could disable cursor so 2nd click ignored, and we do this for some of the tasks which is why don’t see this behaviour if double click on a task such as Autocorrect, but that is because the task itself can take a while, whereas with Preferences once the window comes up you cannot click on anything else anyway.

This double-click issue is not limited to Preferences, if you add the Next Song icon and double click then it will moved two songs.

I’m not convinced this is actual error rather than user error, and even if it is error now you know you only have to click once it should not cause you further problems.

Okay so I could add this, but it seems logical it would also have to apply to filters as well, it ends up being a fair amount of work and Im not sure most users would even want it to persist, they may be restarting Jaikoz to reset things like this. How often do you restart Jaikoz, if you are restarting Jaikoz because of some other issue then maybe that issue should be fixed so yo dont need to restart ?

Right, Point 1 is only a minor issue and I think it should only apply to Highlight Field and not to the other Filters, because the Filters reduces the amount of rows in some or other way.

and for Point 6 the problem is, that you open two windows, but you can’t see that two windows are open, because they lie on top of each other. You make changes in one window, closes this window and when you close the second window you undo the changes or enter all changes you made in the first window to the second window before closing.

All together Jaikoz 11.6.1 build date 8th January 2023 seems to work better now.
Thanks for the work. :smiley:

Point 1, its not a bug is it, possible improvement but I don’t really see the need.

Point 6, but why are you double-clicking?

Found error fixed and will be in next release.

Okay I see I have already raised as a possible improvement but cannot give eta when it will be done.