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Jaikoz 11.6.2 AcoustId Issue on Latest Windows 11


I’m having an issue retrieving acoustid’s. I’ve regenerated the API key. I’ve emailed with the support file bundle attached.

Windows 11
Version: 22H2
OS Build: 22621.1702

Kind Regards,

Hi, im getting same problem, the error message is misleading.

AcoustId seems to have imposed a limit of retrieving at most 10 acoustids in one call, however Jaikoz can send up to 20 in one call. Please try using the popup menu to only retrieve AcoustIds for selected row Nos (less than ten at a time) and see if that works.

I will investigate further.

I have also noticed this for a few weeks now. Only 10 Acoustids are loaded in one call. This causes significant problems with releases that consist of multiple CDs. Each time only for 10 songs the Acoustid request and that again and again, that makes work.
Jaikoz should do this automatically.

Hi Paul - You are spot on. If 10 Items or less are selected and submitted to retrieve an AcoustId the tracks are updated correctly. Is the value 20 a constant in the code? Would it be feasible to have a user updatable field on the Preferences > MusicBrainz > AcoustId form to specify the maximum batch amount in a single call?

Hi Alfg, Jaikoz does do this automatically but for 20 calls rather than 10. I know they recently moved Acoustid to new servers but did not know about this change, what I expect I need to do is release a new version of Jaikoz with the setting changed from 20 to 10.

Fixed and tested locally, hope to have new version of Jaikoz out later today.

Now fixed with Jaikoz 11.7 Idles released May 22nd 2023