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Jaikoz 11.5, folder rename mask changes

I had used v10 and many prior versions where the rename mask was done purely from a script format. Now in v11 it’s a dropdown. The problem is it no longer has what I have used as my format style:

AlbumArtisttorArtist/[year] Album/Artist - (Track) Title

Is there a way where you can still do custom scripts? I’m not seeing it.

Hi, yes you can still create and edit masks, use the Add button

to create a new mask

Once the new mask is created it should appear in the dropdown. But it seems there is a small bug meaning that when first create a new mask you need to close Preferences and then reopen Preferences before it will show in the Rename mask and Compilation Rename mask dropdowns

Thank you for your assistance. For some reason it just didn’t pop out to me visually and it should have.