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Jaikoz 11.5.2 - Apple music Error

I finally got a wonderful mac M1 with Monterey.
Thanks for the Jaikoz.
I set Jaikoz to save the music edit to my Apple music playlist etc and i got this error.

What can you do to correct the problem John ?

I’m attaching the screenshot and also the Jaikoz support



This should not happen, I guess first step is to send your support files.

I will send the support file to your email ?


Yes thats correct hankyou


Had you received my support file I sent you ?

Yes, the first time you run Jaikoz 11.5.2 your Mac should display a popup message saying

“Jaikoz” wants access to control “Music”.Allowing control will provide access to documents and data in “Music”, and to perform actions within that app.

Did you select OK to allow access ?

Hello Paul

No I did not see that message
I just saw the error message

Okay, try the following.

  • Close Jaikoz
  • Open Utilities/Terminal app
  • Enter tccutil reset AppleEvents
  • Start Jaikoz
  • You should now be asked if you wish to give Jaikoz access to Music, select Ok
  • Hopefully this should resolve issue

Hello Paul

I did what you said and it look like the problem is corrected.
Thank you for your help


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Hi Paul
This is morning Jaikoz is back to square one with the Apple Music playlist error.
I have no idea why ?