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Jaikoz 11.3.0 Ride Unexpected Problem

I was editing some music and i saved my work all went well until i was about to close the app the this message came.
I have a screenshot and will send the zip through email


Okay thanks received your log files, I can see an error there just trying to work out why it happened -

Today every times i edit a music album i have the same message and if i click ok the window don’t shut down i have to quit the application

As a temporary workaround if you uncheck View:Show Detail Pane does that prevent problem occurring.

No diffence the problem occur all the times

Oh, thats weird could you possibly resend support files please.

Okay i think this is fixed with Jaikoz 11.3.1 Loop released March 19th 2022

Thank you for your reply
I am sending you the support file. This morning i did edit a single Mp3 and instead of saving with the mac command option - Command S i did through the menu bar for to save and the work was save then i did option - command W and at this stage the error of yesterday did not appear and it is with Jaikox 11.3.0 not the update. I will download the later and see what will happen.

Thanks for your work