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Jaikoz 10 (64-bit) - Memory Use

I have my music collection on two hard drives - one for “compilations” (more than one artist on an album). These are all accessed by Roon for playing throughout the house. I can load one of these disks at a time, but when I try to load them both Jaikoz runs out of memory before all are loaded. I have a total of 237,921 tracks. I’ve set Jaikoz 64-bit at 95% memory (up from the “standard” default of 75%). Only 190,600 tracks will load before the “low memory” warning comes up. I have 16GB of ram. I would like to delete duplicates from the entire collection. What now?

You could do the following

  1. Run in batches, that is just too many songs for Jaikoz to load
  2. Then use SongKong Lite (Free) with same settings to check no longer any duplicates, if there are load the appropriate folders in Jaikoz and rerun Delete Duplicates