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Jaikoz 10.1.2 Mac and Music integration

Hello Paul

I m using Jaikoz with music app and it does not seem to save the changes to music app. Some help Would be appreciated as the tagging is awesome and just want to save the changes to music without having to reinput my songs manually. seem to get an error apple event timed out cannot save changes


Are you using a recent version, Apple Music app support was only added in 10.0.1 before that it only supported iTunes app.

I am using 10.1.2 the latest one on website

Okay well im not sure. However as long as you don’t actually rename/move files in Jaikoz youi can disable Apple Music integration, save files and then in Apple Music just select all songs right click Get Info and that will reread the metadata from the files giving you the changes that Jaikoz has made.

Thank you Paul. Will do that