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itunes play list to m3u

Anyone have a good method of exporting iTunes playlists to m3u files? I’m on a Mac.

I have a playlist of some stuff that I think I want Jaikoz to take another look at, but I cannot seem to get it out of iTunes in a format Jaikoz understands…

I tried the script here :

but it didn’t seem to run. I never received a dialog box or anything.

Edit : okay someone on another forum had the same issue but made the perl script executable and just ran it and it made m3us of all the playlists. I tested the one I wanted to use and jaikoz opened it right up.

Incase anyone else stumbles across this script and wants to get it working:
I got that script working when I was running MOSX (I’m on Win7 these days)
You have to place it in the iTunes Scirpts folder (google it)
Then it appears in a scripts menu in the iTunes menubar.
So you select a playlist within iTunes, then go up to the script menu, select the script, and wait for the actions to happen…
Make a playlist of lilke 5 songs for a start to prove it’s all working.

BUT, Jaikoz didnt’ like the unix paths. The Mac standard seperator is \home\username\Music\iTunes\iTMS yes? Well m3u being predominantly PC … you need to search-replace all the slashes for forwards. I found MS Excel handy in this repect, as I could do some work manipulating the list in there etc. or if the list is too long, you can split it up so Jaikoz handles it better etc.

I ran it on Leopard.
I haven’t come across a freeware solution to Windows (7) without looking at paid-for options such as those designed to export iTunes to iRiver media players, which use m3u as their playlist format on-device.

Check this out. It’s what I use now.

There are two ways for using it. The GUI based on Adobe AIR and it works fine but if you have a large library it looks like it hangs in the middle but it really is still reading.

Then there is a jar file you can use directly from the command line. Read the site he has hints on how to use it. I found I HAD to use the switch on the command line to expand the heap memory otherwise it ran out.

Should work on Win 7 as well as the Mac I am using it on since he designed it on PC. Let me know if it helps you.

iTunes 10 now includes support for saving playlist as m3u playlists