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iTunes not updating

I am using iTunes and the most updated version of Jaikoz. I have the Jaikoz preferences all checked under the iTunes preferences (except for creating the playlists). I have iTunes set to not organize my library. Whenever I hit Save in Jaikoz, usually only 1 song updates correctly in iTunes, while all of the others I have to locate the files. What might I be doing wrong?


If only one song is updated in iTunes it might be that you are only updating one song in Jaikoz, there are two different selections, the main table and the row header selection it might be you are running a command that works on row selection and you only have a single row selected.

Is there a setting in preferences that I should change? Something that I should click on in the window? I just made sure that none of the rows were selected when saving, and it still did the same thing. Jaikoz is correcting all of the songs on the backend in my folder, and it’s random as to which song is updated in iTunes.

Try enabling the Create Playlist option to see if that fixes it.

If not can you email your support files (Help:Create SUpport Files) plus a screenshot showing the problem in iTunes

The Create Playlist didn’t work, but if I do the Save and move to new base folder it works :slight_smile:

Ok cool that worked for me too Scott.

Hi Ok cool that worked for me too Scott. :slight_smile: