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iTunes isn't recognizing ANY of my changes

I’m evaluating Jaikoz before purchase. It is the only program in the whole world that will convert ratings, it seems.

I followed the instructions as detailed in the Help Guides to convert my non-itunes ratings. These non-itunes ratings are readable in both WMP and Media Monkey, but I tried both options nonetheless.

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Open Jaikoz.
  3. Set the save preferences for ratings to either WMP or MM
  4. Load a couple songs. Ratings show up in Jaikoz on the files.
  5. Go back to change the save preference compatibility to iTunes.
  6. Save (or Force Save).
  7. Go back to Itunes. No changes to ratings.
  8. Right click on those songs to click on “Get info.” Still no changes.
  9. I’m also not getting any new playlists made like my settings say should be made when I make changes.

Itunes is configured to share it’s XML library/files, and to not automatically move my files around. So I don’t know what to do. I’m on itunes 12 and windows 10.

Was there some setup part that I missed? Does Jaikoz read find itunes automatically?

Please help. I really, really, really want this to work. :frowning:

Do you have Automatically update iTunes library enabled ?

Get Info will also work when updating fields such as Artist or Title. However, although iTunes will read existing rating when you add a song to iTunes after that it will copy the rating to its internal library and therefore will not pick up additional changes made to the ratings in the file itself, but if updated from Jaikoz it should.

Thanks. I had that checked but still couldn’t get it to work. But it seems I can just use Music Bee instead to export it’s library (which can read embedded to file ratings) as an iTunes xml, which can then be imported to itunes, so I’m just going to use that instead.

Okay, but I dont suppose that will work for songs already on iTunes. But if you are going to create a new iTunes library anyway then you can modify the songs in Jaikoz and then add them as new to iTunes and iTunes will read the metadata including ratings.