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Issues with reading special characters after change of Mac

This is probably a Mac OS X rather than a Jaikoz issue but I am sure someone can help since I cannot be the first of your users encountering it.

After updating my Mac Mini earlier this year Jaikoz will not read folders with foreign language characters so tracks with French, German or Spanish accents are now ignored.

This is obviously problematic. As far as I can see the character-set on my Mac Terminal setting is correct. What am I missing?


Hmm, dont know please send me your support files that should show the problem.

I did find this.

Could it be that the files were created on a non MacOS system and it is having problems when MacOS HFS Plus normalization differs from standard NFD. Is it only occurring for some special characters ?

Could you try manually modifying the file to remove accents to see if Jaikoz can load files, and let it resave on MacOS so it adds the accents in a mac compilant way that allows to be loaded okay.

Sorry for the late answer, I did not see you had responded. They have not been saved outside the Mac ecosystem as such. But there was some sort of resetting of the WD disks on my QNAP external drive which may have upset formatting.

In any case you are on the right track. The albums that Jaikoz would not read I could also not open in the OS X Finder. A simple rename with the same special character solved that issue.

However, a second issue is that Jaikoz reports a large number of files as “not recognised as audio files, they may be corrupt”. For these albums Jaikoz appears to attempt to open more files than there are on the album, e.g. 17 vs the 9 that are actually there. The “corrupt” files are listed with outdated filenames that I have updated manually, and the albums seem to get opened anyway with the correct number of files.

This problem should also be in the log file I sent you.