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Issue with "Max no of Genres" in Preferences/MusicBrainz/Format

[Using “Jaikoz version 11.5.1 Pixies”] There are two settings for “Max no of Genres” in “Preferences/MusicBrainz/Format”. Of those two, the upper setting cannot be changed independently of the lower setting. The value of the lower setting is always copied to the upper setting, after closing and reopeninging the Preferences.

Thanks, this is a bug.

MusicBrainz:Genres:Max No of Genres is actually using the value of MusicBrainz:Grouping:Max No of Genres, so when you save settings and reopen it is always initlialized with the value of the grouping field.

Raised issue and already fixed for next release.

Fixed in Jaikoz 11.5.2 Sebadoh released July 13th 2022