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Issue with Manual Correct

I get this error when selecting a song and select Manual Correct Metadata from Musicbrainz.

I dont think this error was introduced in 11.5, but I can see the issue raised and aim to fix soon as part of bug fix release.

Fixed,I have replaced the existing release 11.5 for all platforms, tomorrow I will hopefully do a proper 11.5.1 release so that all users get notified of new release.

To install the rereleased 11.5 now you will have to do the following if installing on Windows

  • Right click on Jaikoz in Start menu (it is within Jthink group) and select Uninstall
  • This brings up the Uninstall or change a program list, find Jaikoz and select Uninstall

  • Then download from website again and reinstall
  • You can check you have new version because if you go tot Help:About the Build Date will now say 12th May 2022 but in the previous version it said 10th May 2022 or 11th May 2022
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Now done full release, fixed by

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