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Is your device turn on 24/7? Question for Watch Folder

Hi, I am new user for SongKong and it works with MinimServer and Melco N1A/2EX system.
I am curious, that the device which use SongKong or any other Music Server/Streamer with local music storage together will turned off when not in use?

When I use RPi, it always on, no matter other audio system is running or not.
But I purchase Melco system, it “looks” normal audio gear and has no remote or trigger function.
And I turned off when I am away from home for work or travel.

Why I ask this - because SongKong’s watch folder function, it runs infinitely, but when I turn my device off, it stops(of course) and after turn on device, it does not start automatically, so I have to start this feature every time when my device is restarts.

I think that I don’t need run Watch Folder always… unless I want add music files/folder to my library.
Just start when I copy new album to my library, and no need start when device is just run for music streaming. Am I correct?

Usually Melco customers keep their Melco on most of the time since it can go into sleep mode anyway when not being used.

If you restart Melco then with normal settings SongKong and MinimServer will also be restarted and are accessible via the web-browser.

But if you want to run the Monitor Watch Folder task to automatically process files as they are added to folder then you would need to start that each time you reboot since there is no way to automatically start it.

Also worth noting that before you shutdown your Melco you should stop the Monitor Watch Folder task to give it chance to build report detailing all changes it has made. Otherwise you will have no record if changes made.

Ah, ok, there is two things that I didn’t know -
If I turn off Melco without stop Watch Folder function, there will be no report;
And usually Melco users do turned on always.
Thanks for info!