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Is there anyway to make the "Year" tag more accurate

Hi all

I am just in the process of preparing some songs for an 80’s night this weekend and thought it would be a good idea to maybe “group” some of them chronologically with Jaikoz helping me to add the correct Year, but I’m not having much success :frowning:

I used the auto correct using MusicBrainz feature and there were very few of the 47 tracks I added that it found the correct year for?

Is there any way to improve this to give a better “strike rate” for the correct year, please?



Its the release year of the album, there is also an orginal release year field which stores the earliest year the song was released, does this field give better results ?

You can make Jaikoz store original release year as year by setting Preferences:MusicBrainz:Format:Put Original Year into Year field

Is Jaikoz matching to compilations rather than original albums, are your songs just in one larger folder rather than grouped by Artist/Album ?

Hi Paul

Thanks for your reply

Your suggestion of adding the original release year field is much more satisfactory :slight_smile:

The only other question I have is when writing the metadata back to the files I have analysed is there any way of moving or copying the data in the original release year field to the year field?


Yes, that is the point of the Preferences:MusicBrainz:Format:Put Original Year into Year field option.

Hi Paul

“One step” ahead of me again… LOL