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Is there any way to force No "Various Artist" Compilations?

I’d like to break up all my Various Artist Compilations to each Artist specific artist, and then to their albums. I am 99% of the way there by using a combination of songkong, mp3tag, and mediamonkey.

Here is what I have tried

clear various artist tag
clear album tag
set album artist from artist
sort into artist album\album

now all files are grouped by album, and unmatched tracks are together in an “unknown” folder.

I can run them through SongKong…

checked options

  • all existing folders represent a single album
  • update from discogs
  • search for a discogs match
  • ignore metadata derived from filename
  • all existing folders represent a single album

That sort of works, but I still get a load of Various Artist compilations. Is there any way to stop that from occuring?

Thanks in advance,


John its a bit hard to say, please run Create Support Files so I can see examples of the issue