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Is song Kong for Melco necessary to be used with a Melco?

I have ordered a new Melco N1zH version 2. My plan was to repair metadata on my library hard drive with SongKong via my Mac computer prior to the arrival of my new Melco. I spoke with a friend who has the same Melco model and he said it has to be done via the serial number off the unit. I am not real technical. The is the reason I bought the Melco was to replace the complicated computer with a one box solution music server. So if this is proprietary for Melco does SongKong for Melco get installed on the Melco or onto my Mac? If it’s installed on the Mac why do you need a proprietary Melco version of SongKong? Does Melco have a unique filing configuration? My Mac is OS X Yosemite 10.10 if that is important to know.
Sorry about all the questions. I would appreciate your help.
David Mosher

Hi david
No you dont need the melco version but you may wish to get it because of the extra functionality it does or will have in the future.

Currently the main difference is its ability for Naim US users to be able to embed metadata from wav file lookups, in the future there will probably be some melco specific features