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Installer for SongKong 8.2 doesn't run

I’ve been trying to upgrade to 8.1 and now to 8.2, however the installer doesn’t run. I’ve deleted the songkong directory as well but still no luck. I did a clean install of 8.1 on another machine (laptop). That worked, but not on my desktop. Any ideas?

Hi, what browser are you using, could it be same problem as this Songkong - CRDOWNLOAD file type for attempted download on Windows 11

Hi Paul ,
Using chrome Version 100.0.4896.88 (Official Build) (64-bit).
Windows 10 Pro

Also just tried the latest Funeral version. Also no luck

Yeah but probably same issue, where do you get to ?

Sorry, don’t understand your question?

What actually happens?

ok, double clicking on the installer shows the hourglass for a few seconds then nothing. Have also tried running it as administrator.

I think it is probably your AntiVirus.

The security certificate ran out just before SongKong 8.2 was released, we purchased a new one but it seems to take some time for Windows to actually fully accept it, try temporarily disabling your AntiVirus

ok, let’s try. Txs for your input!

Nope, still no luck. Made absolutely sure no av / malware / ransomware apps running or on. Any other options?

Have you tried a reboot ?

Few times…Still no luck

Paul, we can give it some time. Let’s wait for the certificate to kick in. My collection is on a nas and I can run your latest version on my laptop. No rush then.
Would I have to download a fresh copy once the certificate takes effect or is it an online verification?

You may be able to run it directly on the Nas as well depending on what Nas it is.

I dont think so, but Im not entirely sure. Security is getting more and more complex and harder to follow.

Fyi. I just tried installing again today without success.