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Initial SongKong Fix Files run

Hi, Just got my 1st Gen Melco back from being EX’ed. Have installed / fully licensed Songkong / Jaikoz & MinimServer 2.

I notice that, quite understandably, running SongKong directly on the Melco is much slower than using the desktop version on files on an external USB drive. This seems especially so with regard to fingerprinting.

Do you see any problem in using the desktop version to fix 50k+ files (all FLAC) and then copying the updated files to the Melco to replace the original files? I have multiple backup copies.

Many thanks

Your analysis is correct, audio fingerprinting is rather Cpu intensive and Melco only has a single relatively slow processor.

I would recommend your approach, once you have done initial fix you can copy files over and do subsequent updates on the melco itself.


Many thanks for your confirmation.