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Incorrect MB Release IDs and Incorrect Acoustid IDs

I have several hundred songs with seemingly correct MB Recording IDs, but incorrect MB Release IDs and Acoustid IDs. I know the MB Release IDs and Acoustid IDs are incorrect because their values are “usicBrainz Album ID” and “coustid ID” respectively, instead of long alphanumeric strings. See attached screen capture of files with correct and incorrect values. Running the assorted Update ID tools on these files does not change the values, because, I think, Jaikoz already sees a value in those fields, albeit an incorrect value. I would run the “Delete all Metadata” action to start over, but I want to preserve my genres. How can I filter for these incorrect values and reset them to Null? Would doing that even make a difference? Thanks!

Okay, if you click on the column header you can sort by value. Then should be easy to just select all the cells with the wrong value, and then right click and select Delete to empty those cells. Do this for MB Release Id and then repeat for Acoustic Id