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Incomplete album tagging

Hello Paul, although there are some similar entries in the forum i’ll open up a new topic:
I always download complete albums from qobuz and as the provided metadat from qoubuz is usually corrupt (as you found out) I will first delete all metadata and then add the complete new metadata with the fix song option. This works well in many cases but in about 10% (mostly multi disc volumes alas) songkongs misses tagging a few tracks from the album at all. How thus this happen ?
Definitely, the album is known either to discogs or musicbrainz. Is this due to falso fingerprinting of acoustid ?? Is there a workaround like entering the correct discogs url or calbum catalogue number to songkong and songkong will then find the full details ??

Could you please run Create Support Files I need to see an example to find problem.

There is currently no way to force a match to particular MusicBrainz or Discogs album because originallly designed to worek on multiple albums at a time so would not be practical but we do plan to add a single album matcher that would do this -

In the interim you can do this with Jaikoz, and Jaikoz allows you to edit and save up to 20 songs in a session. So you can use for the odd album without purchase.

Thanks Paul, just send you the requested support files for the mentioned problem. The tagged album has 26 tracks and 25 out of the 26 were recognized and tagged correctly with one track missing. Heres a pic: duo amade

Hi, okay I’m not clear if this album is in MusicBrainz, from what I can see this is volume 1, and MusicBrainz only has volumes 3 and 5

Now because you have removed all the metadata, SongKong can only use acoustids and folder name (which is difficult to parse) and actually when we look up the acoustids they dont link to any MusicBrainz albums.


So SongKong has not matched to any albums, it has just added very basic information from the user submitted metadata at Acoustid, as determined this is better than nothing since currently no metadata in the file. But doesnt add album name because this cannot be accurately assessed.

And if you look at track 4 we can see there was no existing Acoustid for this track, so we couldnt retrieve any metadata for it.

If you look at the summary report note that the MusicBrainz bar is a different colour, because we haven’t actually to MusicBrainz, only Acoustids.

The album is in Discogs -è-Duo-Sonatas-Vol-1 but SongKong did not match to this. Now that some basic data has been added from Acoustid it would be worth rerunning to see if can match to Discogs using the info that has been added. Perhaps manually edited the album name first so it is correct (currently blank)