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Import / export preferences

Hi there,

As I wanted to use my (personal) desktop computer instead of my (professional) laptop to tag my music libraries, and as there is currently no import/export feature for preferences, I tried to copy / paste the content of [user]\AppData\Roaming\SongKong directory (but not the subdirectories) from one computer to the other.

It seems to be working.
I just wanted to know it there could be some side effects of this operation?
Would you consider to make this import/export a feature? (Of course, it should take into consideration preferences but also masks as they’re going hand in hand.)


-All rename masks are stored in
-Every profile is stored in a file (and refers to the masks in
-Your license is stored in
-Genre mapping is stored in genrelist.txt
-Screen positioning and other preferences that are not linked to a profile are stored in
-For aiding classical identification we also have classical_composers.txt, classical_conductors.txt and classical_people.txt

In almost all cases it should be fine to copy some or all of these files, there are some restrictions such as you shouldn’t copy over files unless you also copy

I’m not sure there is much need for an import/export feature, its easy enough to do manually