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Identifying Album without MBID (and other things that make you go "hmmm")

Hi everyone,

The more I understand Jaikoz, I’m noticing little things here and there that are slowing me down re-reading the user guide and hoping for some clarity, suggestions, or workarounds.

When using “Autocorrect Metadata from Musicbrainz Server”, Jaikoz will:

  • often populate both the Album and Title but not populate the MBID or Album Artist. If Jaikoz identified the album, shouldn’t that mean the MBID was identified?

  • often populate the Album, Title, and Artist, but not populate the Track No. and Track Total, MBID or Album Artist. If the Album, Title, and Artist was identified, shouldn’t the Track No. and Track Total be known?

  • will populate Album, Album Artist, Title, and Artist but not populate Track No, Track Total, or MBID. Since Jaikoz identifed what I would think are the big four items, why wouldn’t the MBID be populated

  • occasionally populate some, but not all, of the data needed to be considered a true match. But when I search Musicbrainz, I’m unable to locate the release. If Musicbrainz does not have the release, where is Jaikoz gathering the data from?

  • occasionally display a pop-up that Musicbrainz correctly identified the song as “Song A” but the AccoustID identifies the song as “Song B”: When I delete all of the song’s metadata and try again, the same pop-up appears. What can I do to make sure the AccoustID is correct or have Jaikoz correct the AccoustID when it identifies the correct song?

  • • Two songs that were duplicate had duplicate AccoustIDs (even same file size, extension, and bitrate). The first duplicate autocorrected with Title, Artist and MB Recording ID. The second duplicate autocorrected with Title, Artist, Album, Album Artist, Track No. Track Total, MB Recording ID and MB Release ID. Why would one duplicate song update completely but the second duplicate only update partially?

Sorry for so many questions. Just trying to understand why some songs are populated with so much info that the correct album was identified, but still not identified as a perfect mach. Thanks

A lot of questions and I don’t have precise answers for all but generally can be answered by these points.

  1. Autocorrect from Musicbrainz can include creating an acoustid and finding the song on Acoustid db but not being able to match to MusicBrainz, so this can cause basic artist/albumartist/album/title metadata being added from Acoustid but nothing else.

  2. If file has no existing metadata we may try and derive from folder or filename, again this can lead to some basic metadata being added but no match.

  3. We also have MusicBrainz Song Only matching. Whereby could match song to MusicBrainz but not the group of songs to a MusicBrainz album. This can cause song metadata and Mb Recording Id to be added, but not Mb Track Id ,Mb Release Id and album metadata.

  4. When a song is fingerprinted the song receives an existing Acoustid if fingerprint is known, or allocated a new one. The Acoustid for a song is always correct and will always be the same for a particular audio file. However, occasionally the Acoustid may be linked to an incorrect MusicBrainz Id, and an acoustid can be linked to multiple MusicBrainz songs.

  5. Also, every time a file with a particular Acoustid is submitted to Acoustid db the basic metadata stored in that file is also stored in Acoustid, and that data is likely to vary and maybe incorrect. This becomes important if Jaikoz matches a song to an existing Acoustid but there is no link to Mb I’d because we then may use this user submitted metadata, but we only used if multiple submissions of a song provide the same metadata.