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id3 tags in "get info" on OSX

I have begun transferring vinyl albums to mp3s. I am using Jaikoz 3.4.3 to add the ID3 tags. On the two albums I have completed so far, all the ID3 tag information for each track is visible in the Summary/Info section of the Jaikoz. For one of the albums, the tag info also appears in the “get info” for the files under the “more info” section, but for the other it is absent (see attached screen shots). For both albums, I used the “correct file names from tags” and “correct subfolders from tags” before saving the changes in Jaikoz. The ID3 tag information is picked up by Cog and iTunes for both albums. Any idea what I could be doing differently for the two albums?

I think the is an issue with OSX Finder not understanding either UTF16 encodings or unsynchronized frames, but a few tests on OSX 10.6.2 seems to show its now okay.

So either it is now fixed (what OSX version are you running) or I’ve missed something , it would me helpful if you email a file exhibiting this problem to me at support at jthink dot net so that I can test it.

Matter resolved. Seems OSX 10.5.8 did not update some of the information until a restart. Thanks, Paul, for your helpful reply.