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I seem to be struggling with the basics

Hi again everyone

Sorry about another post so soon after the last two I’ve made.

I only have a few basic requirements of this program but am “struggling” to get my head around things?

I’ve got the correct years showing now in Jaikoz and I’ve “checked” the put Original Year into year field but I still don’t seem to be able to overwrite the metadata and get the “updated” info to show in the Tags in Virtual DJ?

Surely I’m missing the “basics” somewhere?

Okay so first lets ensure the changes have actually been saved to the files.

  • Edit Jaikoz
  • Restart Jaikoz
  • SelectAdvanced:Empty Cache
  • Reload the files
  • Are the changes you made shown ?

If not, please run Advanced:Create Support Files and email them to

But lets assume they have been saved, then it seems likely the problem is with Virtual DJ (which i have never used), could it be that Virtual DJ also stores a cache that needs emptying. Alternatively what audio format are your files , it maybe that Virtual DJ does not read the metadata the same way as Jaikoz for a particular audio format.

Hi Paul (again)

Thank you very much for your reply.

Using your instructions and by a process of elimination I was able to deduce that the issue was with my Virtual DJ program.

It seems there was a little known function deep within it’s functionality to allow you to “reload tags” and this was the answer

Many thanks again for taking the time to answer this and my other couple of “noob” questions.

I should be pretty much sorted now :slight_smile:



Okay, great I am glad all is resolved.