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I don't think I bought the right License

I followed the link to a “License” page, where I purchased a full ‘Melco’ license for $56 USD. This was the only option I saw on that page for a full license. I had already downloaded the “ODELAY” version of SongKong for Synology an proceeded to follow the instructions to successfully install it in a Docker container and activate it. I installed SongKong on my NAS to have direct access to my library. I used the “License” tab to copy in my email address and my license and all seemed well. I could connect using port 4567 on my Synology NAS (DS920+) IP address and then started learning about using SongKong.

I have since learned that Melco is a specific piece of hardware, one that I do not own. I also found a different license page that offered “regular” licenses and “pro” licenses, both for less than what I paid for the Melco License (although the “pro” license was only a little less). Now I suspect I bought the wrong license, and don’t know what to do about it, or if it causes a problem that I do not own a Melco.

I am an absolutely newbie to the world of audio file tagging, but after loading the start of a library onto my NAS, along with MinimServer 2, and then began to use BubbleUPnP as a control point it didn’t take me very long to realize that proper tagging was absolutely necessary. That was when I learned about SongKong.

Can I trade my full Melco License for a SongKong Pro license? (an even trade is fine, never mind the extra $5) Do I even need to? …will the Melco License provide the same functionality with my HW/SW configuration? Note that in the future I will probably want to run SongKong (and perhaps Jaikoz) on the Windows 10 machine that I will be using to digitize a rather extensive vinyl LP collection, before transferring the tracks to the NAS library. Hence my need for a comprehensive file tagger, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Hi, Im not sure which link you mean as it seems you must have followed a link to the Melco specific part of the site. However the good news is the Melco license offers everything that Pro license does plus a few extra items and can be used on Synology, Windows, Mac and all supported platforms as well as Melco.

Thanks for the reply, I probably unknowingly wandered into the Melco part of the site. I’m glad to know the license I bought is good for all the different platforms. I spent a lot of time this past Saturday learning the ‘ropes’ of using SongKong directly on the NAS. I’ve only had my NAS for a few weeks and am just beginning to build my library, I am using MinimServer 2 on the NAS as well.

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